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A Fresh New Look For Synlio

We are excited to announce and roll out a fresh, updated look for Synlio’s innovative RFP Automation application. While the same powerful functionality and tools that help both buyers and sellers in the RFP process remain, you’ll notice that the data is better organized and laid out in a more user-friendly way – the whole experience having been refreshed and improved.

Because you as our user, and your experience using our software are at the core of all we do, we wanted to take a minute to walk through some of the new changes that you’ll notice in your account next time you log in.

Mobile Support and Login page

With this latest release, Synlio is now more mobile-friendly and offers an experience specifically tailored to users on smartphones or tablets. Every day, more and more people use their smartphones. We want to make sure that whether you’re at the office, on a plane, or on a job site, you’re always able to automate your RFPs.

We also made a few minor enhancements to the login page of your Synlio account, adding the Synlio branding, updating the look and feel of the buttons, and making the login page responsive and mobile-friendly.

Synlio's new mobile-friendly application

Left-hand Navigation Menu

As part of the mobile-friendly improvements made to the application, Synlio’s navigation menu has been redesigned from what used to be a small bar along the top of the page, to now a more useful left-hand menu on the left side of the screen. This new menu can now be easily accessed on mobile devices by clicking on the menu icon (☰).

Synlio's new left-hand navigation menu

Organization & Property Logo Upload

With this latest release, you can now upload your organization’s logo to your account in your organization’s settings, allowing you to add your own branding to your RFP Comparison Matrix. It can then be printed or exported to a PDF to share at a board meeting or proposal review meeting.

Similarly, you can now upload specific logos for each property in the settings menu. Once added, this logo will appear on the RFPs that are sent out for that specific property.

Community Feedback

Finally, you’ll see a new feedback tool in your account, which allows you to let us know what you think about these features, what you love about the app, and what you think could be improved.
Synlio Feedback tool

Our users and the valuable feedback they share drives us to continue to build tools that help make your day a little easier – one automated RFP at a time.

Happy RFP-ing!

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