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Introducing Sealed Bids

Our development team is excited to announce a new feature released in the Synlio application: Sealed bids! As its name implies, your RFPs now have the option to be sealed, making them unable to be opened until a date and time determined by the RFP sender, such as a board meeting or proposal review meeting.

Why use Sealed Bids?

In several counties and cities across the country - as well as the entire state of Nevada - it is required by law that bids received for a service that meet certain requirements be sealed and remain unopened until all bids are received and opened at the same time. This law helps ensure the bidding process is fair, transparent, and ethical by preventing collusion among bidders.

How to use the Sealed Bids feature

As you're creating your RFP in the Synlio app, you'll notice a new section at the bottom of the RFP setup page called "Seal This RFP". Using the drop-down menu, you can select one of three options:

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Once an RFP sealing option is selected, you'll preview and send the RFP out just as normal. Vendors either in your network or ours will receive the RFP and be invited to bid on the project. When their proposals are submitted, they will be locked and unable to be viewed, depending on the sealing option you selected. When the required number of bids has been received and you're ready to unseal the RFP, click on "Unseal RFP" in the Proposal List section of the RFP Activity page.


After typing "unseal" into the text box to confirm you wish to unseal the RFP, your proposals will be unsealed and you'll be able to compare them in our apples-to-apples matrix as you normally would.

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We're continually working to add the features you care about most, making the RFP process as simple as possible, saving you time and money. As always, if there's something you feel would make Synlio even better, don't hesitate to share your thoughts. We're here to serve you!

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