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New Year, New RFP Resolutions

Happy New Year! As everyone knows, with the new year it’s time to set your new RFP resolutions (that’s what everyone does, right??).

With that in mind, here are some new goals and plans for you to follow so that your life – er, RFP life –can be made that much easier.

Resolution #1 – Don’t Skip the RFP Step

Many times it can be easy to want to just call your favorite vendor to get them going on a project that needs to be done. However, skipping the RFP and rushing into a project with haste can lead to choosing the wrong vendor for that project (even if they took you to a yummy lunch last month) and thus short and long term expenses could end up much higher than they should be. Instead, it is super important to send out an RFP every time and make sure you get the right vendor at the right price for your project.

Resolution #2 – Create Thorough RFPs

One of the worst things that can happen is to send out an RFP that is light and doesn’t cover all the facets of a project. When a weak RFP goes out, the proposals you get back are just as weak and it makes it that much harder to distinguish between the bidders. Rather, make sure to outline each item you’d like to have done. Some of these can be flat out requirements – a statement saying that you need something done a certain way. Other items in your RFP can be questions asking the vendors to respond with how they would accomplish something. Either way, by line iteming each of these, the proposals you get back will be easier to compare.

Resolution #3 – Don’t Always Choose the Lowest Bidder

As we all know, sometimes you get what you pay for. Choosing the lowest bidder for a project can lead to many problems (lack of experience, additional hidden costs, low staffing, etc). Rather, use cost as merely a component alongside the other components (see #2 above with the requirements and questions) when you compare proposals to your RFP. Doing this will ensure you get the best provider for the project (not necessarily the lowest).

Resolution #4 – Use Automation

We have automated so much of our lives, why are you still doing the RFP process manually? Creating easy RFP templates, automating communication with vendors, or even using an online RFP automation system like Synlio can lead to a huge increase in efficiency. This will take out a lot of the manual and menial tasks that are wasting your time and preventing you from completing other items on your to-do list and accomplishing your goals.

Don’t you feel like a new person now? These New Year RFP Resolutions will allow you to improve your body, mind, and spirit (by freeing you up to do those things). Now just make sure you continue to follow these resolutions for more than, you know, just the first two weeks of the year.

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