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#RFPizza: Putting Our Software to the Test

The Synlio team is made up almost entirely of humans (we have a few pets and a robot named Kevin in the Synlio family too) and because we're humans, we like food. But it's being Synlians that motivated us to answer the especially important lunch-time question: Which fast-fire pizza joint near our office is best?

We first thought to go to Google to find reviews and comments from others online, but you just never know these days without going and trying a place for yourself. We then thought we could simply pick a place at random and go there, but how would we know if it really was the best? Then it hit us like a ton of pepperonis: What if we used our very own, patent-pending RFP (Request for Proposal) Comparison Matrix that we use all day long to help property managers compare bids and proposals from service providers and used it to compare pizza restaurants to settle the heated debate once and for all? (queue the dramatic music)

The plan was simple: 4 restaurants, 4 weeks, and a team of hungry Synlians eager to find the answer. Each week, the team would go to a different restaurant and order a simple pepperoni pizza to share. Then, each using a custom-built pizza restaurant evaluation rubric that analyzed more that 20 unique criteria, we would compile the results and see which came out on top. This pursual of pizza perfection was lovingly dubbed: #RFPizza (a play on our popular #RFPsSuck).

The Contestants

Right about now you're probably thinking "How on Earth are you going to try them all?" We are well aware that there are roughly 3 fast-fire pizza restaurants for each person on the planet - many more than we could ever dream of testing - so, to keep things simple, we made a list of each of the restaurants within a 15-20 minute radius of our office and came up with the following brave contestants: Blaze Pizza, MOD Pizza, Pieology and Fired Pie.

The #RFPizza Contestants

The Observations

With criteria ranging from number of pepperoni toppings to cook & delivery time, we tried to rate each restaurant in a way that we'd end up with a complete review of the whole experience. Using our software to make the process uniform and consistent made it so simple to compare each restaurant with the side-by-side, apples-to-apples Comparison Matrix at the core of our software's experience.

Click here if you're interested in learning more about how to use Synlio for what it was actually built for.

Each restaurant had its own way of doing things. For example, Fired Pie used a special machine that flattened the pizza dough and gave the crust a small lip that helped hold in the toppings while being cooked. We noticed that MOD pizza used a spiked rolling pin that perforated the crust before the pizza was made and that Pieology used a lot (much more than the others) of semolina flour or cornmeal on the bottom of the pizza that impacted the experience for some of our team members.

The reviews of our team often varied, depending on individual preference and experience. Kyle, our CTO and one of our tougher pizza critics commented that the sauce on his slice from Pieology was "bland and thin" while Matt, our President, thought the same sauce was "flavorful and tangy." Bearing the varying opinions in mind, we tallied the positive and negative comments for each category and then summarized the average response that ultimately made it onto our Comparison Matrix below:


The Winner

After an extensive 4-week testing and review process, we proudly answer the question "Which fast-fire pizza joint is best?" and declare the winner of #RFPizza. Drumroll please...

MOD Pizza takes the prize!

Congratulations, MOD Pizza! The Synlio team thinks that you've got the best fast-fire pizza in town! Dominating the competition in areas like overall experience, taste, value, and speed, you've earned the title of #RFPizza champion!

To be expected, each restaurant had pros and cons, just like any would. If we were able to pick and chose from the best elements of each pizza and make one superior "Franken-pizza", it might look something like this:

  • MOD Pizza's fluffy thin crust and their perfect pepperonis
  • Pieology's flavorful sauce
  • Fired Pie's tasty cheese
  • All served up at Blaze Pizza's price and in their clean, modern restaurant

Final Thoughts

Our team enjoyed spending time together each week putting these restaurants - and our RFP & Comparison Matrix software - to the test. As you can probably tell, we're passionate about what we do and about building tools that make our customer's lives better while solving some of the problems they encounter every day.

To view the album with all of the photos/videos we collected, click here.

What's next, you're asking? We've already started making a list. #RFPanangCurry? #RFPasta? #RFPadThai? #RFPinotNoir?

Let us know who you think the best pizza joint in your town is and what challenge our team should tackle next!

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