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“I hate RFP’s and I also hate talking about price.” – René Bolier

Wow. It seems like he’s not a fan of the RFP process at all.

“I hate responding to RFPs and almost never do it.” – Christian Nelson

Aaaaand so is he. I wonder if they’re alone in this thinking. [Does a quick Google search on “hate RFP”]

Nope. They’re not alone.

At all.

It seems that everyone thinks RFPs suck.

So what are all of these people so upset about with RFPs? Is there something in particular or is it the entire request for proposal and procurement process?

“I hate RFP's for renewing current biz - we know we're the best, you know we're the best - can't we just keep rolling?” -Robert Pfeifer

Ok there’s something. It looks like this is a provider who received an RFP from a client and is not happy about having to rebid a deal he is already on. That’s understandable. Nobody wants to lose a current piece of business, or even be questioned on their quality. However, many types of businesses have to re-bid projects for budgeting, or per their own requirements or bylaws. So anger at the RFP won’t help anything.

Plus, it may be an opportunity for you to make sure that you are accurately pricing your services. The RFP request could be the perfect prompt to review your service levels and you may find you have been undercharging or overcharging them.

Either finding helps you.

If you have been undercharging them, you could review the deal and realize you have been losing money. Or your margins are not where they need to be for a client like this to be worth it for you so this is your chance to get your costs in order.

On the other hand, if you have been overcharging them, you can offer a lower (and probably more competitive) price in order to take care of your client and ensure you keep the deal. And thanks to them having an RFP and including your company, you get a change to keep them as a client. If they didn’t invite you to the RFP, you could have been replaced without even knowing it was up for bid. I bet you won’t hate the RFP process as much once you think of that.

“I hate writing RFPs.” – Chi City Envy

Ok there’s something tangible there. This person hates writing RFPs. Quite understandable as without a proper and easy RFP template it could take a very long time to create an RFP. However, I would wager they haven’t heard of the best way to quickly create RFPs: Synlio.

“The noble RFP. Vendors and respondents both hate them and costs are heavy on both sides to participate. Isn't there a better way???” – Cynthia Weeden

Why, yes. There is a better way, Cynthia. I’m glad you asked.

Synlio, through its online patent-pending application, makes creating, managing, and completing RFPs quick and easy. Built in templates allow for quick completion, a network of great vendors are waiting to respond to your request for proposal, and an automation engine to manage the entire process cuts your time spent by more than half. But don’t believe me, see for yourself in a personalized online demo.

And if you still think RFPs suck, then please let us know by posting your thoughts and stories of bad RFPs using the hashtag #RFPsSuck .

Because without Synlio, they do.

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