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Why Use an RFP Automation Software?

“There is no use in talking about the problem unless you talk about the solution."

                    -Betty Williams

When we first created Synlio, we were convinced we were going to disrupt the HOA and commercial property market with our offering. A service provider network that offers discounts to property managers, but not only that, we would charge a membership fee and pay commissions back to the property managers. Moreover, our vendors would join this network for free! One can understand why we thought we would change the world with this win-win-win offer.

In our vision, we would build the platform that would facilitate the conversation for property managers, vendors and service providers. It would assist in facilitating quotes for services requested, assist in procurement of services and the submission of RFPs (Requests for proposals). We would build a vendor and provider network and make it free. We would pay a commission to our users, all of which we felt would be disruptive to an industry segment.

A Monumental Shift

“If your target audience isn’t listening, it’s not their fault, it’s yours.”

                           -Seth Godin

With our sales machine in full gear and positive feedback in initial meetings with Property Management and Commercial property management owners, we could not figure out the hesitation of our target audience to sign up immediately and thank us for our brilliance. In turn, our concept was an immediate success with the service provider and vendors we contacted, leaving us with one thought: so, what was not working? The answer, it turned out, was simple. We did not offer a real solution to a real problem. We simply offered a nice to have. Nothing disruptive about a nice to have.

As we got out of our own way and shifted from sales mode and educating our target audience to simply listening, the real problem appeared.

The one thing repeatedly mentioned, staring us in the face, present during all the sales conversations with our target audience - the property managers, was the tedious RFP process and if what we were offering would help them. Their frustration was not the complexity of the workflow, but the time-consuming and wearisome process itself, paired with the frustrating need to follow up and the wearying, labor intensive RFP evaluation system.

It was at that moment in time that the entire focus of our company shifted and Synlio RFP was born.

The Software Solution That Changed the Game

“Fall in love with the problem not the solution”

                           -Uri Levine, co-founder of Waze

In interviews of over 200 procurement, purchasing, and property managers, less than 29% felt they had an efficient process. Of that 29% a large number felt that they were the process and how the success is dependent on them individually, as there is no tool currently available to support them, make it easier and less time consuming.

Synlio is in love with the RFP problem and we are proud to provide the solution. A solution that saves our users time, is easy to use and powerful in its features and functionality by applying artificial intelligence throughout.

As a result, we have streamlined the inefficient process of collecting bids, composing RFPs and RFIs (requests for information), and obtaining quotes. Synlio’s RFP automation software simplifies communications between property managers, procurement and purchasing managers with vendors and service providers, tracking communications and setting time automated follow ups. We make the labor-intensive and time-consuming evaluation of RFPs, RFIs, bids and quotes disappear by providing a comprehensive evaluation matrix automatically.

We have set out to change the conversation. Synlio is now disrupting an age-old way of doing something by providing a solution, a must have to all those are frustrated with the RFP process.

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